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Writer's Notes - By Jeanne Dininni

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Writer's Notes - May 2011

An Inspiring Artistic "Discovery"

While away on a church women's retreat last weekend, I visited a quaint little tea shop, where a framed print of a serene yet sturdy oak tree hung on one wall. I was attracted to the text displayed at the bottom of the print and began to read. After only a brief sentence or two, I was hooked. I knew that this artist's musings would resonate with me and decided to stand there as long as it took to read the entire verse.

I liked the writer's sentiments so much, in fact, that I determined right then and there to commit her name to memory so that when I got home I would be able to locate the verse on the Internet and pass it on to others (like you), who I hope will benefit as much as I have from reading it.

I've since discovered that this print and verse combination is available in numerous online venues and also adorns a set of note cards and no doubt various other items, as well.

The Story Behind Both Verse and Painting

Here's what the artist, Bonnie Mohr, has to say about this work on her website, Bonnie Mohr Studio:

When we completed building the studio showroom for Bonnie Mohr Studio on our farm, I decided to stencil the high sidewalls with something decorative. I wrote and stenciled a verse of the things I believe in and hope to teach my children before they leave home. Visiting customers liked it as well, and after many requests for a copy of the verse....I painted an image to go with it, and "Living Life" was born.

Link to the Verse

I hope this verse will inspire you to embrace your dreams and live life to the fullest, using your God-given creative talent to bring beauty into the world.

Here's a link to the Living Life Notecards page on the Bonnie Mohr Studios website. On this web page, you will be able to read the verse in its entirety and also see the oak tree picture Ms. Mohr painted to accompany her verse when the verse first became popular. Enjoy!

Here's to sharing the inspiration!


Please Note: This is not a sponsored post. My purpose in linking to the Bonnie Mohr Studio web page above is not to sell her note cards but simply to give you the opportunity to read her inspiring verse.

Which lines or phrases of "Living Life" speak to you most strongly? How has this verse influenced or resonated with your own thoughts, beliefs, values, or creativity? How has it helped build your resolve to get the most from each day, from your art, your career, and your life?


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